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Mennonite Genealogy Data Index: Theses & Dissertations Online

Theses & Dissertations Online

The following is a selected listing of theses and dissertations held by Library and Archives Canada, on a website simply called the Theses Canada Portal. While there are a great many incredible resources there, I've elected to provide list only those which surfaced under a search for "Mennonite", "Anabaptist", "Hutterite", and "Amish". In some cases, the entire thesis is online, in which case I've provided a link to the pdf file. It would be useful to have the titles thematically organized; however, without having read the works, it would be very hard to do this well. As a result, with some apology, I simply offer them here in alphabetical order according to the author's name. You can simply browse them or search the page for specific terms, by first pressing: Ctrl + F.

If anyone is aware of such works being listed or available online in other countries, we'll be happy to incorporate those as well. Also, this does not represent all theses written about Mennonites, Hutterites or Amish in Canada - it is merely the list of those documented in the Theses Canada Portal.

Theses Listing

  • Bakker, Willem de (Wilhelmus de), 1944-. (1987). Civic reformer in Anabaptist Munster: Bernhard Rothmann, 1495?-1535?. Queen's University.
  • Bauman, Dale R., 1951-. (1992). Church growth in a Mennonite tradition: A case study in integration. Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • Bechtel, Muriel. (1997). Showing our colours: encouraging self-differentiation in an urban Mennonite congregation. Emmanuel College of Victoria University.
  • Bennett, Paul W. (1990). Little worlds: The forging of social identities in Ontario's Protestant school communities and institutions, 1850-1930. University of Toronto.
  • Bergen, Glenn, 1970-. (1996). Nude in a landscape: Stories about tradition and representation. -- University of Manitoba.
  • Born, Henry C., 1920-. (1983). Evangelism and social action: A study of a Mennonite Brethren Church. Regent College.
  • Brandt, Di. (1993). (1993). Wild mother dancing: Maternal narrative in contemporary writing by women in Canada and Quebec. University of Manitoba.
  • Berti, Peter Robert, 1966-. (1992). The contribution of maternal age, birth order and birth interval to variation in the prevalence of linear enamel hypoplasia. University of Guelph.
  • Brunt, J. Howard (John Howard), 1950-. (1990). Coronary heart disease among the Dariusleut Hutterites of Alberta. University of Calgary.
  • Burrill, Elizabeth, 1964- (1998).Health conception, family health work and health-promoting lifestyle practices in Latin American Mennonite families. University of Western Ontario.
  • Carvajal Romero, Oscar, 1966-. (2000). The Passover of Christ: "Do [you] this in remembrance of me": A systematic description of Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anabaptist, and Lutheran theology and ethics. Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Chaudhuri, Ipsita Nita, 1962-. (1990). Factors influencing decisions on food acquisition: Implications for a soyabean agri-nutrition project in Bangladesh. University of Guelph.
  • Chipman, Josephine, 1934-. (1988). The Mennonite Selbstschutz in the Ukraine, 1918-1919. University of Manitoba.
  • Claassen, Constance Victoria, 1957-. (1986). Utopian aspects of the Mennonite commonwealth in Russia. Concordia University.
  • Cormier, Judith A. (Judith Ann), 1951-. (1998). The experiences of Mennonite women who breastfeed their children past their first 6 months of life. Dalhousie University
  • Cressman, Kenneth W. (Kenneth Willard), 1935-. (1989). A descriptive summary and analysis of the changing settlement and occupational patterns of the Mennonites and Amish Mennonites of Wilmot Township. University of Waterloo.
  • De Lisle, David De Garis. (1975). The spatial organization and intensity of agriculture in the Mennonite villages of southern Manitoba. McGill University.
  • DeVries, Fred, 1965-. (1991). Worldviews and policy action: a comparative study of the Mennonite Central Committee Canada and Oxfam-Canada. University of Guelph.
  • Dick, Harold J. (1992). Lawyers of Mennonite background in western Canada before the Second World War: Two cultures in conflict. University of Manitoba.
  • Dick, Ronald Mark, 1969-. (2001), Steinbach, Manitoba: A community in search of place through the recovery of its formative creeks. University of Manitoba.
  • Dill, Vicky Schreiber. (1982). The idea of wilderness in the Mennonite novels of Rudy Wiebe. University of Notre Dame.
  • Dobson, Kathleen, 1930-. (1992). Learning from each other: The English teacher on a Hutterite colony. University of Alberta.
  • Driedger, Michael D. (Michael Dennis), 1967-. (1993). Conflict and adaptation in an exile community [microform] : Flemish Mennonites in Altona and Hamburg, 1649-1711. .
  • Driedger, Michael D. (Michael Dennis), 1967-. (1996). Mennonites?: Heretics? obedient citizens? categorizing people in Hamburg and Altona, 1648-1713. Queen's University at Kingston.
  • Doerksen, Ben, 1933-. (1986). Mennonite Brethren missions: Historical development, philosophy, and policies. Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • Dowsett, Gwendolyne Edna, 1926-. (1984). The vernacular architecture of three ethnic groups in Manitoba: a comparative analysis. University of Manitoba.
  • Dueck, Dora, 1950-. (2001). Print, text, community: a study of communication in the Zionsbote, a Mennonite weekly, between 1884 and 1906. University of Manitoba
  • Dueck, Ronald Peter. (1981). Some relationships of religious and personality factors to science attitudes of adolescents in a Mennonite community. University of Manitoba.
  • Dueck, Theodore J. H. (Theodore John Henry), 1960-. (1987). Mennonite federal electoral behaviour on the West Reserve in Manitoba, 1887-1935. University of Manitoba.
  • Dyck, Heinz John, 1960-. (1993). The work of Mennonite Central Committee volunteers in a developing aboriginal community. University of Victoria.
  • Dyck, Lydia Marilyn, 1936-. (1987). An analysis of the Mennonite Brethren teaching of godly instruction and its impact on the home. Winnipeg Theological Seminary.
  • Dykeman, Kathryn Lynn. (2002). The Welcoming Congregation Movement and the experiences of lesbian women in the Christian church. Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Ediger, Gerald C. (1993). Deutsch und religion: Ethnicity, religion and Canadian Mennonite Brethren, 1940-1970. Emmanuel College. of Victoria University in the University of Toronto.
  • Ens, Adolf, 1933-. (1979). Mennonite relations with governments: Western Canada, 1870-1925. University of Ottawa.
  • Enns, Aiden John Schlichting, 1961-. (1996). Ecumenical concern from an Anabaptist perspective: The concept of the church in the thought of John Howard Yoder. University of Manitoba.
  • Epp, Esther Ruth. (1980). The origins of Mennonite Central Committee, Canada. University of Manitoba.
  • Epp, Marlene, 1958-. (1996). Women without men: Mennonite immigration to Canada and Paraguay after the Second World War. University of Toronto.
  • Evans, Simon M. (1973). The dispersal of Hutterite colonies in Alberta, 1918-1971: The spatial expression of cultural identity. University of Calgary.
  • Friesen, Helene Sarah, 1951-. (1997). Treasured schooldays: The Mennonite Mädchenschulen in the Russian Empire, 1874-1920. University of Manitoba.
  • Fitch, Angeline C. (1978). Comparison of Hutterite and non-Hutterite children's cognitive abilities.. University of Calgary.
  • Friesen, Raymond Richard, 1951-. (1988). The theology of the martyrs: A study of the Martyrs mirror as a source for understanding Anabaptist theology. University of Manitoba
  • Friesen, Richard J. (Richard John). (1975). Old colony Mennonite settlements in Saskatchewan: a study in settlement change. University of Alberta.
  • Froese, Edna, 1946-. (1996). To write or to belong: the dilemma of Canadian Mennonite story-tellers. University of Saskatchewan.
  • Funk, Johann David, 1942-. (`1993). They tell each other, they are still who they were: The struggle for self definition in minority cultures; the case of the General Conference Mennonites in British Columbia. Simon Fraser University.
  • Genzinger, Peter G. (Peter George), 1966-. (1995). Mennonite representations of nature in the nineteenth century. University of Waterloo.
  • Goertzen, T. D. (Tanya Dawn), 1976-. (2000). The Mennonite dialectic: a survey of the cultural and physical morphology of Steinbach. The University of Manitoba.
  • Good, Edgar Reginald, 1958-. (1974). Crown-directed colonization of Six Nations and Métis land reserves in Canada . University of Saskatchewan.
  • Good, Edgar Reginald, 1958-. (1984). War as a factor in Mennonite economic policy: A case study of insurance institutions sponsored by the Ontario Conference, 1864-1954. University of Waterloo.
  • Good, Martha Smith, 1940-. (1988). Women in ministry in the Mennonite Conference of Ontario and Quebec: Uncovering their experiences. University of St. Michael's College.
  • Goossen, Carol Elizabeth Enns, 1957-. (1989). The relation of land and faith in a selection of Mennonite novels. University of Manitoba.
  • Gowing, Wesley Thomas. (2003). Filling the void: A spiritual urban intervention. Dalhousie University.
  • Haden, Andrew John, 1955-. (1990). Farmer's attitudes and agricultural land expansion in improvement district 23, Alberta. University of Alberta.
  • Hamm, Peter Martin. (1978). Continuity and change among Canadian Mennonite Brethren, 1925-1975: A study of sacralization and secularization in sectarianism. McMaster University.
  • Handziuk, Deborah Gayle, 1961-. (1993). The climate for disclosure: An examination of sexual abuse among rural Mennonite families. University of Manitoba.
  • Harder, Lydia Marlene, 1939-. (1993). A hermeneutics of discipleship: toward a Mennonite/feminist approach to biblical authority. Emmanuel College of Victoria University.
  • Harms, Paul, 1971-. (2000). Ethnicity and integration among Mennonites in Winnipeg: The harmonization of heritage and ambition in a pluralist Canadian present. University of Alberta.
  • Heidebrecht, Herbert V. (1973). Values of Mennonite youth in Alberta. University of Calgary.
  • Henderson, Heather Mary, 1953-. (1992). The Strickler site: The analysis of a nineteenth to twentieth century urban farmstead in Markham, Ontario. University of Toronto.
  • Hildebrand, Elizabeth Ann, 1956-. (1986). Adult children as caregivers to elderly parents: A Mennonite exploration. University of Manitoba
  • Hildebrand, George H. (1982). The Anabaptist vision of Rudy Wiebe: A study in theological allegoresis. McGill University.
  • Hildebrand, Hilda Anne, 1951-. (1989). Mennonite mutual aid and the concept of social welfare: A case study of the Bergthaler Waisenamt and the co-operative movement in the Rhineland Municipality. University of Manitoba.
  • Jahn, K. Daniel. (1998). A study of the life and thought of Samuel Heinrich Fröhlich. University of Windsor
  • Janzen, William, 1943-. (1981). The limits of liberty in Canada: The experience of the Mennonites, Hutterites, and Doukhobors. Carleton University.
  • Jeffries, Fiona Margaret, 1972-. (1996). Health promotion and Hutterite cultural change: Individual and group change processes. University of Victoria.
  • Klassen, Pamela E. (Pamela Edith), 1967-. (1992). Going by the moon and the stars: Stories of two Russian Mennonite women. Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Klassen, Peter G. (1970). A history of Mennonite education in Canada, 1786-1960. University of Toronto.
  • Klippenstein, Lawrence, 1930-. (1984). Mennonite pacifism and state service in Russia: A case study in church-state relations, 1789-1936. University of Minnesota.
  • Kroeker, Amy D. (Amy Dawn), 1976-. (2001). Separation from the world: postcolonial aspects of Mennonite/s writing in Western Canada. University of Manitoba.
  • Kroeker, Don. (2001). Manitoba Mennonite archives and Canadian Mennonite collective memory. University of Manitoba.
  • Latham, Jane Holly, 1971-. (19983). In search of the true church: An examination of the significance of small groups within early Anabaptism and Pietism. Acadia University.
  • Lavigne, Michelle, 1970-. (1998). Foundations. Dalhousie University.
  • Loeppky, Linda, 1960-. (1991). A school-based social work program focusing on empowering a stigmatized minority: The Kanadiers' experience in rural Manitoba.
  • Loewen, Patricia Janzen, 1973-. (2000). Embracing Evangelicalism and Anabaptism: The Mennonite Brethren in Canada in the late twentieth century. University of Manitoba
  • Loewen, Royden, 1954-. (1983). Blumenort: A changing Mennonite community, 1874-1982. University of Manitoba.
  • Loewen, Royden, 1954-. (1990). Family, church and market: A history of a Mennonite community transplanted from Russia to Canada and the United States, 1850-1930. University of Manitoba.
  • Mackenzie, Susan J. (1978). Hutterite women: Work and assistance patterns. University of Calgary.
  • MacGregor, Nora, 1955-. (1991). The multigraded Hutterite classroom. University of Alberta.
  • Mann, George Adolf, 1931-. (1974). Functional autonomy among English school teachers in the Hutterite colonies of southern Alberta: A study of social control. University of Colorado.
  • McClure, Jean M. L. (Jean Margaret Leah). (1984). Problems encountered in teaching the Saskatchewan Social Studies Curriculum in Hutterite colony schools. University of Regina.
  • Moran, Heather L., 1974-. (2002). And still they answered the call: The women of Waterloo County, 1939-1947. Wilfrid Laurier University, 2002.
  • Melland, Ian. (1985). Changes in Hutterite house types: The material expression of the contradiction between being-on-the-colony and being-in-the-world. Louisiana State University.
  • Nienkirchen, Charles William, 1952-. (1985). In the world but not of it: The development of separatist motifs in early Anabaptist ecclesiology, 1523-1528. University of Waterloo.
  • Nyce, James M. (1987). Convention, power and the self in German Mennonite magic. Brown University.
  • Okey, Brian W. (Brian William), 1967- (1999). Toward agroecosystem health: Assessment of biodiversity in contrasting agricultural landscapes. University of Guelph.
  • Obeng-Quaidoo, Isaac, 1946-. (1977). Hutterite land expansion and the Canadian press. University of Minnesota.
  • Packull, Werner O., 1941-. (1974). Mysticism and the early south German-Austrian Anabaptist movement, 1525-1531. Queen's University.
  • Paetkau, Henry, 1952-. (1986). Separation or integration?: the Russian Mennonite immigrant community in Ontario, 1924-45. University of Western Ontario.
  • Pham, Nhien Huu. (1996). Christian conversion and faith development among Vietnamese immigrants: A case study. Canadian Theological Seminary.
  • Phillips, Donna L., 1949-. (1992). Ecological approach in health promotion with a distinct cultural group: The Dariusleut Hutterites. -- University of Calgary.
  • Plett, Harvey, 1933-. (1991). Georg Hansen and the Danzig Flemish Mennonite Church: A study in continuity. University of Manitoba.
  • Pries, Edmund, 1958-. (1995). Anabaptist oath refusal: Basel, Bern and Strasbourg, 1525-1538. University of Waterloo.
  • Pries, Edmund, 1958-. (1988). The historical context of Anabaptist oath refusal in Zurich, 1525-1532. University of Waterloo.
  • Redekop, Benjamin Wall, 1961-. (1990). The German identity of Mennonite Brethren immigrants in Canada, 1930-1960. University of British Columbia.
  • Redekop, Gloria L. Neufeld, 1946-. (1993). Mennonite women's societies in Canada: A historical case study. University of Ottawa.
  • Redekop, Karl G. (Karl Gerhard), 1949-. (1992). Grade seven and eight Latin American Mennonite immigrant students: an examination of selected aspects of their adaptation to schooling in Manitoba. University of Manitoba.
  • Reimer, L. Douglas (Leigh Douglas), 1947-. (1996). Surplus at the border: Mennonite minor literature in English in Canada. University of Manitoba.
  • Rempel, Ryan George. (1998). Anabaptist relations with the state: Forms for the coexistence of sovereignties. University of Toronto.
  • Rich, Mona Sharon, 1945-. (1995). Hutterite defectors: a qualitative assessment of Ebaugh's role-exit model. University of Manitoba.
  • Rodrigue, M. Maureen (Mary Maureen), 1951-. (1996). Socio-cultural variables and family history of alcoholism as predictors of drinking behaviour. University of Manitoba.
  • Ryan, John. (1973). The agricultural operations of Manitoba Hutterite colonies. McGill University.
  • Sawatzky, Robert J., 1972-. (1998). A comparison of the Mennonite and Doukhobor emigrations from Russia to Canada, 1870-1920. Dalhousie University.
  • Schmidt, John P. (John Peter), 1938-. (1991). Pilgrims in paradise: Sixty years of growth in the Mennonite Brethren churches in British Columbia. Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • Schroeder, Elfrieda Neufeld, 1943-. (2001). Fragmented identity: a comparative study of German Jewish and Canadian Mennonite literature after World War II. Univeristy of Waterloo.
  • Simpson-Housley, Paul. (1974). The influence of environmental perception and labour attitudes on Hutterian communal farming. University of Regina.
  • Smyth, T. W. (Thomas William), 1937-. (1997). Rudy Wiebe as novelist [microform] : witness and critic, without apology. Univeristy of Toronto.
  • Snyder, C. Arnold. (1981). The life and thought of Michael Sattler, Anabaptist. McMaster University.
  • Stoesz, Dennis. (1987). A history of the Chortitzer Mennonite Church of Manitoba, 1874-1914. University of Manitoba.
  • Théorêt, Jean-Raymond, 1952-. (1995). Le changement radical dans une organisation d'enseignement supérieur de type missionnaire. Université de Montréal.
  • Thiessen, Janis, 1971-. (1997). Friesens Corporation: Printers in Mennonite Manitoba, 1951-1995. University of Manitoba.
  • Toews, Julia M., 1948-. (1983). The practice of Christian love [microform] : a look at an Anabaptist hymn with a translation. Regent College.
  • Unger, Brian, 1961-. (1990). A struggle with conscience: Canadian Mennonites and alternative service during World War II. University of Toronto
  • Unger, Matthew, 1974-. (2002). The trauma of Mennonite scholarly and literary representation. University of Alberta.
  • Unrau, Abe. (2001). Finishing well: Characteristics conducive to a meaningful retirement. Providence College and Seminary, 2001.
  • Van Dyke, Margaret, 1968-. (1998). Theatrical re/enactments of Mennonite identity in the plays of Veralyn Warkentin and Vern Thiessen. University of Alberta
  • Van Toorn, Penelope, 1952-. (1991). Rudy Wiebe and the historicity of the word. University of British Columbia.
  • Waite, Gary K., 1955-. (1986). Spiritualizing the crusade: David Joris in the context of the early reform and Anabaptist movements in the Netherlands, 1524-1543. University of Waterloo.
  • Wall, Dan Darryl. (2002). Dissent among the faithful. Conflict and its management within selected Christian denominations: A comparative analysis. Royal Roads University.
  • Wandel, Johanna, 1971-. (1995). An analysis of stability and change in an Old Order Mennonite farming system in Waterloo region, Ontario. University of Guelph.
  • Wang, Jiwu, 1956-. (1995). The people on the move: The relationship between migration and faith--an aspect of Mennonite life and faithfulness from the sixteenth century to the present. University of Manitoba.
  • Warkentin, John, 1928-. (1960). The Mennonite settlement of southern Manitoba. University of Toronto. [Published 2000 by Hanover Steinbach Historical Society]
  • Warkentin, Veralyn R. (Veralyn Rose), 1965-. (1994). Mary & Martha: A play. University of Manitoba.
  • Weiler, Tracey, 1968-. (2001). Limb girdle muscular dystrophy in unique Manitoba populations. University of Manitoba.
  • Wiebe, Edwin, 1944-. (1985). Coming off the bench: Ontario Mennonite Brethren mobilize for church extension. Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • Wiebe, Grace Elaine, 1945-. (1983). The segmental phonemes of Swift Current Mennonite Low German. University of Alberta.
  • Wiebe-Neufeld, Timothy John, 1968-. (1996). Mennonites and the environmental debate: An exploration of theological options. University of Waterloo.
  • Wiens, Victor Harold. (2002). From refugees to ambassadors: Mennonite missions in Brazil, 1930-2000. Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Zhou, Chen, 1960-. (1994). Pathogenesis of lung dysfunction in swine farmers. University of Saskatchewan.
  • Zook, Douglas Ray, 1961-. (1995). Social studies, teaching and Mennonites: An interesting alliance. University of Alberta.

Other Countries

KanColl - collection of theses and dissertations relating to the history of Kansas and its region. For instance:

  • Albrecht, Abraham. (1925). Mennonite Settlements in Kansas. University of Kansas.
  • Neufeld, Victor H. (1967). The Mennonite Flour Milling Industry of Harvey, Marion, and McPherson Counties, Kansas: 1873-1900. University of Kansas.
  • Unruh, John David, Jr. (1962) The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Brings the Mennonites to Nebraska, 1873-1878. University of Kansas.

American Historical Association

Interestingly, while an American organization, it lists Canadian works as well.

  • Anchak, George. (1975). An Experience in the Paradox of Indigenous Church Building: A History of the Eastern Mennonite Mission in Tanganyika, 1934-1961. Michigan State University.
  • Block, Alvina. (2006). Changing Attitudes: Relations of Mennonite Missionaries with Native North Americans, 1880-2004. University of Manitoba.
  • Bush, Perry Jonathon. (1991). Drawing the Line: American Mennonites, the State, and Social Change, 1935-1973. Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Dalzell, Timothy Wayne. (1985). The Anabaptist Purity-of-Life Ethic. North Texas University.
  • Dyck, Stanley P. (1993). Mennonite Missions among the Northern Cheyenne Indians, 1904-1947. Oklahoma State University.
  • Haude, Sigrun. (1993). The Rule of Fear: The Impact of Anabaptist 'Terror,' 1534-1535. Arizona University.
  • Hinojosa, Felipe. (in progress). Somos Todo Raza: Race, Masculinity, Religion, and the Making of Identities with the Mennonite Minority Ministries Council, 1968-74. University of Houston.
  • Jantzen, Mark. (2002). 'At Home in Germany': The Mennonites of the Vistula Delta and the Construction of a German National Identity, 1772-1880. Notre Dame.
  • Klippenstein, Lawrence. (1984). Mennonite Pacifism and State Service in Russia. A Case Study in Church-State Relations, 1789-1936. University of Minnesota.
  • Leaman, Hans. (in progress). Anabaptists and the Law: Religious Persecution and Prosecution in Early Modern Germany. Yale University.
  • Neufeldt, Colin. The Fate of Mennonites in Ukraine and the Crimea, 1930–33. University of Alberta.
  • Osborne, Troy D. (2007). Saints into Citizens: Mennonite Discipline, Social Control, and Religious Toleration in the Dutch Golden Age. University of Minnesota.
  • Pratt, Dorothy Overstreet. (1998). Study in Cultural Persistence: The Amish in LaGrange County, Indiana, 1841-1945. Notre Dame University.
  • Schmidt, Kimberly. (1995). Transforming Tradition: Women's Work and the Effects of Religion and Economics in Two Rural Mennonite Communities, 1930-1990. State University of New York at Binghamton.
  • Shearer, Tobin. (in progress). 'A Pure Fellowship': The Danger and Necessity of Purity in White and African American Mennonite Racial Exchange, 1935-71. Northwestern University.
  • Sprunger, Mary S. (1993). Rich Mennonites, Poor Mennonites: Economics and Theology in the Amsterdam Waterlander Congregation during the Golden Age. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Thiessen, Janis Lee. (2006). Faith and Factory: Russian Mennonite Workers in 20th-Century Manitoba. University of New Brunswick.
  • Trompetter, Cornelius. (1994). Mennonite Entrepreneurship in a Proto-Industrial Environment: The Role of Mennonite Entrepreneurs in the Development of Textile Industries in Twente, Netherlands. University of Kansas.
  • Yoder, Nathan (1999). Mennonite Fundamentalism: Shaping an Identity for an American Context. Notre Dame University.
  • Hinojosa, Felipe. (in progress). Somos Todo Raza: Race, Masculinity, Religion, and the Making of Identities with the Mennonite Minority Ministries Council, 1968-74. University of Houston.
  • Shearer, Tobin. (in progress). 'A Pure Fellowship': The Danger and Necessity of Purity in White and African American Mennonite Racial Exchange, 1935-71. Northwestern University.
  • Walbert, David J. (2000). Garden Spot: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: The Old Order Amish and the Selling of Rural America. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Wray, Frank. (1954). History in the Eyes of the 16th Century Anabaptists. Yale Univerasity.

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