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Mennonite Genealogy Data Index: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

  1. If you were to list the very best websites for Mennonite genealogical research, which would you identify (excluding this one, of course)?
  2. What is this going to cost me?
    Nothing - no fee, no banner ads, no cookies being put onto your computer. There are links to JR Solutions - when a book is available from our virtual store.
  3. Isn't this already done by someone else?
  4. Can I have a data extraction/transcription project listed in the MGDI?
    Yes. We'll be very happy to hear about new projects underway. Just let us know the details. Send an e-mail to the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta (Contact MHSA )
  5. Doesn't this infringe on someone's copyright?
    No. We are not taking or reproducing anyone's data. We have simply built a finding aid - that points you to the data that others have.
  6. Can I place a link to the MGDI from my website?
    Yes. Please do. If you'd like to have a graphical icon for your site - you may use either of the slightly smaller ones below and surround it with the tag that links it to If you need help inserting it into your webpage - drop us a note and we'll be glad to help.
    Mennonite Genealogy Data Index     Mennonite Genealogy Data Index
  7. How did you think up this idea? And, whose work is it?
    This project is modelled after the award-winning Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry designed by Judith Rempel. This MGDI site is also the work of Judith Rempel.
  8. Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the preparation of the items at, but human errors are always possible. If you find an error of any sort, please advise us so that we can look into the matter and look after it immediately.
    Wherever possible, we have provided links to online indexes to information. In all cases, stewards have been identified. By contacting them, you may be able to acquire more data than appears in the online sources as a response to a specific query or by purchasing a publication. There may be fees set by the data stewards for such additional information.
  9. Have you won any awards?
    Not yet - but we're hoping that will change.

Last Updated 5 Feb 2007
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