Village Report for Tiege
Molotschna Colony, Russia, 1942

Two Personal Stories of Teachers' Hardships in the Bolshevik Era

I. Sailer

Grandfather Karwarat once owned an estate (Gut). So, after ending the 10th class, I had no luck, I didn't get any work either. the answer everywhere was because of your traitorous family background, you cannot get work. Namely in the year 1937, as is well known, the Germans were treated very badly. Many families were destroyed, that is, the men were dragged away.

So I stayed with my grandfather after I finished the 10th class, and worked in the pharmacy.

on January 1, 1939, I married a teacher from the Tiege middle school, Peter Sailer.

In the summer of 1940, I took teachers' courses in Berislav. So, in fall 1940 I received a position as a teacher in the elementary school in Tiege. I am presently working in the same school, teaching the second level.

The Family situation isn't very good. Namely, my husband has been taken (dragged away). I have one child, my mother and the grandparents with me.

I hope things will improve.

Hail Hitler

2 March 1942, I. Sailor, teacher in Tiege School

Tina Martens

I, Tina Martens, was born 2 August 1923 in Tiege, district of Nikolaiyev into the family of a landowner. I entered the village school in 1930 and ended the middle school (10th class) in 1940. Having completed that, I wrote off the entrance examination to the Rostov Pedagogical Institute (on the Don Rive). After two months, I was forced to leave there - my stipend had been cut off and my mother was not able to support me. I worked as a postal assistant and telephone operator in the tiege Post Office from November 1940. I entered the Tiege School in 1941 where I now teach the fourth class.

My family situation: My father has been repressed (captured as a political criminal), my mother (43 years old) has lung disease. I have three siblings, aged 4, 12, and 16.

Hail Hitler!!!

T. Martens, teacher in Tiege School

2 March 1942

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Translation by Erna Goerzen
Transcription, editing and html by Judith Rempel, JR Solutions
17 August 1999