List of German People from Neuendorf Village,
Chortitza Region, Zaporozhye District, Military Region Denepropetrovsk
who starved to death - Compiled May 1942

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Abducted Persons ~ Red Army Personnel ~ Persons Murdered

No. Name Occupation Date Comments
1Niessen, Johannfarmer1921 
2Giesbrecht, Peterfarmer1921 
3Elias, Gerhardfarmer1921 
4Neufeld, Peterfarmer1921 
Mayor A. Kroeker, Mayor
Neuendorf, 28 May 1942
Sealed with the Mayor's stamp

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Translation by Anna G. Rempel, Dora Epp, Helen Friesen, & Erna Goerzen
Transcription, editing and html by Judith Rempel, JR Solutions
14 November 1999