List of German People banished from Neuendorf Village, Chortitza, Zaporozhye District, Denjepropetrovsk Military Region, Compiled May 1942

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Persons who starved to death ~ Red Army Personnel ~ Persons Murdered

No. Name Age at the time Year Comments
1Strohm, Heinrich511929 Ural
2Dyck, Jacob 411930Ural
3Dyck, Margareta 401930Ural
4Neufeld, Heinrich 471930Ural
5Redekop, Peter 451930Ural
6Dyck, Peter 451930Ural
7Dyck, Susana 411930Ural
8Dyck, Erna 41930Ural
9Dyck, Helena 21930Ural
10Bergen, Johan 461930Ural
11Bergen, Justina 451930Ural
12Beren, Abram 231930Ural
13Bergen, Kathariena 201930Ural
14Bergen, Margaretha 541930Ural
15Bergen, Johan 51930Ural
16Bergen, Heinrich 171930Ural
17Bergen, Abram 551930returned
18Klassen, Johan 501930Ural
19Klassen, Gertruda 481930Ural
20Janzen, Jakob 571930Ural
21Janzen, Kathariena 541930Ural
22Janzen, Heinrich 291930deaf & mute
23Janzen, Wilhelm 251930Ural
24Janzen, Peter 231930Ural
25Janzen, Johann? ?1930Ural
26Heinrichs, Peter ?1930Ural
27Heinrichs, Maria ?1930Ural
28Heinrichs, Abram ?1930Ural
29Heinrichs, Julius ?1930Ural
30Heinrichs, Jakob 251930Ural
31Nikel, Sara 451930Ural
32Ens, Isaak 601930Ural
33Ens, Helena 581930Ural
34Ens, Helena 221930Ural
35Ens, Kathariena 131930Ural
36Ens, Susana 201930Ural
37Ens, Isaak 161930Ural
38Heinrichs, Peter 351930Ural
39Siemens, Jakob 471930Ural
40Siemens, Anna 481930returned
41Siemens, Kathariena 111930Ural
42Siemens, Helena 201930Ural
43Peters, Abram 561930Ural
44Peters, Margareta 541930died later
45Peters, Kathariena 191930returned
46Peters, Margaretha 171930Ural
47Peters, Isaak 151930Ural
48Peters, Anna 131930Ural
49Peters, Peter 111930Ural
50Braun, Abram 501930Ural
51Braun, Margareta 471930returned
52Braun, Abram 201930returned
53Hildebrandt, Ditrich 511930returned
54Hilderandt, Susana 451930Ural
55Zacharias, Heinrich 411931Ural
56Zacharias, Helena 431931returned
57Zacharias, Maria 201931returned
58Zacharias, Heinrich 71931returned
59Zacharias, Isaak 101931returned
60Zacharias, Helena 21931returned
61Bolt, Johann 301932Ural
62Unger, Johann 601933returned
63aMartens, Heinrich 401935returned
63bThiessen, Aron 371935Karaganda
64Willms, Jakob 371936unknown
65Janzen, Bernhard 361937unknown
66Neudorf, Jakob 221937unknown
67Thiessen, Peter F. 451937unknown
68Wiebe, Abram 361937unknown
69Peters, Jakob 391937unknown
70Braun, Gerhard 551937unknown
71Unger, Julius 381937unknown
72Dyck, Peter 231937unknown
73Ens, Franz 471937unknown
74Wiebe, Ditrich 551937unknown
75Wiebe, Jakob 511937unknown
76Wiebe, Peter 471937unknown
77Wiebe, Nikolai 411937unknown
78Penner, Peter 301938unknown
79Peters, Johann 231938unknown
80Derksen, Heinrich 361938unknown
81Derksen, Abram 471938unknown
82Siemens, Salamo 321938unknown
83Gross, Ferdinand 391938unknown
84Sawatzky, Anton 201938unknown
85Bergen, Abram 321938unknown
86Lebtag, Karl 521938unknown
87Siemens, Gerhard 341938unknown
88Neufeld, Peter 371938unknown
89Neufeld, Martin 311938unknown
90Krahn, David 321938unknown
91Ens, Abram 381938unknown
92Siemens, Peter 221938unknown
93Siemens, Heinrich 391938unknown
94Braun, Peter 381938unknown
95Thiessen, Franz 511938unknown
96Thiessen, Kornelius 461938unknown
97Ens, Gerhard 401938unknown
98Ens, Gerhardt 441938unknown
99Ens, Jakob 371938unknown
100Bergen, Bernhard 331938unknown
101Thiessen, Franz 441938unknown
102Dyck, Bernhard 331938unknown
103Ens, Martin 441938unknown
104Bergen, Kornelius 511938unknown
105Wiebe, David 231938unknown
106Wiebe, Kornelius 371938unknown
107Braun, Heinrich 341938unknown
108Braun, Heinrich 361938unknown
109Peters, Peter 331938unknown
110Rempel, Peter 331938unknown
111Wiebe, Peter 411938unknown
112Braun, Jakob 361938unknown
113Braun, Gerhard 371938unknown
114Martens, Franz 431938unknown
115Heinrichs, Kornelius 371938unknown
116Klassen, Peter 391938unknown
117Milke, Roman 281938unknown
118Neufeld, Johann 201938unknown
119Dyck, Peter 211940unknown
120Braun, Gerhard 271940unknown
121Kroeker, Johann 241940unknown
122Peters, Peter 241940unknown

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Translation by Anna G. Rempel, Dora Epp, Helen Friesen, & Erna Goerzen
Transcription, editing and html by Judith Rempel, JR Solutions
14 November 1999