List of German People from Neuendorf Village, Chortitza Region, Zaporozhye District, Military Region Denepropetrovsk who served in the Red Army - Compiled May 1942

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Abducted Persons ~ Persons who starved to death ~ Persons Murdered

No. Name Age at the time Service Date of Entry into Military Comments
1Ens, Isaak23marksman24 May 1941 
2Banmann, Abram22artillerymanAugust 1941 
3Reddekop, Jakob28marksman31 August 1940 
4Dyck, Kornelius22marksman3 May 1941 
5Buhler, Peter26tank driver31 August 1940 
6Janzen, Heinrich21marksman28 April 1941 
7Kroeker, Kornelius21artilleryman3 May 1941 
8Epp, Peter20marksman28 April 1941 
9Bergen, Kornelius21marksman24 May 1941 
10Buhler, Gerhard23artilleryman31 August 1940 
11Janzen, Peter21pilot16 August 1940 
12Janzen, Abram26marksman31 August 1940 
13Buhler, Kornelius27marksman31 August 1940 
14Weiss, Heinrich23marksman18 April 1941 
15Weiss, Johann21marksman18 April 1941 
16Epp, Martin23marksman3 May 1941 
17Hildebrandt, Jakob21artilleryman3 May 1941captured
18Rempel, Heinrich21artilleryman3 May 1941 
19Braun, Peter20marksman18 April 1941 
20Wiebe, Heinrich26marksman23 June 1941 
21Dyck, Jakob22marksman3 May 1941 
22Hildebrandt, Peter27marksman23 June 1941 
23Hildebrandt, Jakob22marksman28 April 1941 
24Sawatzky, Jakob21marksman3 May 1941 
25Dyck, Johann24marksman1 July 1941 
26Braun, Isaak21marksman3 April 1941 
27Neudorf, Isaak27marksman23 July 1941 
28Dyck, Jakob20marksman3 May 1941captured but returned
29Hildebrandt, Johann22marksman28 April 1941captured & murdered
30Loewen, Kornelius22marksman28 April 1941 
31Loewen, Abram20marksman28 April 1941 
32Klassen, Johann22marksman28 April 1941 
33Blatz, Nikolaus18unknown18 August 1941 
34Harder, Gerhard20marksman28 April 1941 
35Buhler, Franz20marksman28 April 1941captured
36Derksen, Abram22marksman22 October 1940 
37Dyck, Peter21communications22 October 1940captured
38Zacharias, Heinrich21marksman3 May 1941 
39Bergen, Heinrich23marksman31 August 1940 
40Klassen, Franz21unknownSeptember 1940 
41Thiessen, Johann20marksman24 May 1941captured but returned
A. Kroeker, Mayor
Neuendorf, 22 May 1942
Sealed with the Mayor's stamp

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Translation by Anna G. Rempel, Dora Epp, Helen Friesen, & Erna Goerzen
Transcription, editing and html by Judith Rempel, JR Solutions
14 November 1999