Village Report for Einlage
Chortitza Colony, Russia, 1942

d r a f t - not fully entered or proofread against the microfilm copy

Einlage is a mother village, which was founded in 1790 on the right bank of the Dnepr. The land was claimed to be 3,429.34 hectares. In 1845 the village re-settled to the north on higher ground because all residents had been affected when the entire complement of houses were swept away. It settled 16 family farms exactly on the place where the Tschumaken Way was built over the flowing Dnjepr.

At a later date, it will be possible to provide six files of data for Einlage on:

  • Residents (14 pp of information)
  • Banished Residents (8 pp of information)
  • Abducted Residents (1 page)
  • Murdered Residents (1 page)
  • Residents who Starved to Death (1 page)

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Translation by Judith Rempel, JR Solutions
Transcription by Katie Wiebe
Editing and html by Judith Rempel
18 May 2002