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List of German People from
Eichenfeld Village, Chortitza Region, Zaporozhye District,
Military Region Denepropetrovsk
who were Murdered - Compiled September 1942

No. Name Age at
the time
1Klassen, Aron (father)48
2Klassen, Aron (son)22
3Dyck, Johann [Wilh.]30
4Braun, Johann20
5Harder, Heinrich [Wilh.]18
6Harder, Wilhelm50
7Harder, Peter23
8Woelk, David [Dav.]39
9Guenther, Isaak [Wilh.]19
10Guenther, Heinrich [Wilh.]22
11Guenther, Isaak [Is.]60
12Krause, Kornelius [F.] 
13Friesen, Paul [G.]25
14Friesen, Mrs. [Kathi]22
15Kampen, Abram [Hein.]35
16Klassen, Frau Franz 
17Warkentin, Franz [Joh.]28
18Warkentin, Mrs. Susanna [Redekop]30
19Warkentin, Johann [Is.]50
20Warkentin, Isaak [Joh.]45
21Warkentin, David [Joh.]17
22Warkentin, Johann [Joh.]19
23Warkentin, Daniel [Dav.]17
24Warketnin, Daniel [Joh.]54
25Huebert, Jakob (father)70
26Huebert, Mrs. Daniel [Anna P.]30
27Heinrichs, Heinrich [Korn.]45
28Quiring, Peter [Abr.]42
29Quiring, Jakob [Abr.]40
30Quirng, Johann [Abr.]35
31Epp, Johann [Joh., Kronsweide]42
32Kampen, Jakob [Joh.]28
33Kampen, Johann [Joh.] (father)70
34Kampen, Johann [Joh.] (son)30
35Wiens, Heinrich [A. teacher]45
36Peters, Wilhelm [P., teacher]21
37Redekopp, David [W.]73
38Woelk, Jakob [P.]392
39Lehn, Julius [Neuendorf]43
40Klassen, Franz [David]42
41Peters, Franz [Franz]20
42Kampen, David [Joh.]25
43Peters, Peter [Joh.]21
44Peters, Daniel [Joh.]19
45Peters, Franz [Joh.]17
46Peters, Kornelius [Joh.]15
47Guenther, David {Is.]25
48Dyck, Heinrich [Jak.]28
49Dyck, Abram [Abr.]30
50Heinrichs, Abram [Pet.]29
51Zentralschule Peters [bei Heinrichs]16
52Dombrowsky, Jakob50
53Teichroeb, Abram [Abr.] (father)70
54Teichroeb, Jakob [Abr.] (son)50
55Penner, Johann [Joh.] (father)56
56Penner, Peter [Joh.] (son)25
57Penner, Johann [Joh.] (son)19
58Penner, Jakob [Joh.] (son)20
59Penner, Franz [Joh.]17
60Klassen, Wilhelm [Pet.]54
61Klassen, Peter [Wilh.]17
62Bergen, Franz [Joh.]22
63Pauls, Peter [Wilh.]73
64Pauls, Kornelius [Korn.]45
65Regier, Jakob55
66Loewen, Wilhelm [J.]19
67Funk, Gerhard [J.]40
68Block, Peter [J.]56
69Hildebrand, Heinrich (father)55
70Hildebrand, David (son)16
71Giesbrecht, Peter [suicide]50
72Friesen, Jakob [K.]22
73Pauls, Wilhelm [Korn.] (father) 77
74Pauls, Kornelius [Wilm.] (son) 42
75Friesen, David25
76Guenther, Abram [Is.]18
77Block, Johann [Peter]19
78Huebert, Mrs. Jakob (blind)65
79Schellenberg, Johann 
80Dyck, Jakob [J.] (missionary)29
81Juschkewich [O.] (missionary) 
82Gelitsyn [J.] (missionary) 
83Rosenberg, Regina (missionary) 
84Huebert, Liese (missionary) 
 Giesbrecht, Peter A. 
Nikolaifeld, 16 September 1942
The following neighbours were listed at the end:
  • Jakob Friesen
  • Wilhelm Pauls
  • Kornelius Pauls
  • David Friesen (Gerh.)
  • Abram Guenter
  • Johan Block
  • Mrs. Jakob Huebert
13 graves
5 missionaries (3 men, 2 women)

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