List of German People Taken from Adelsheim, Chortitza, Zaporozhye District, Denjepropetrovsk Military Region, Compiled May 1942

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No. Name Age at the time Occupation Date Taken
1Penner, Abram33farmerAug 1941
2Pauls, Johann35farmerAug 1941
3Woelk, David33zoo technician? [Sootechnik]Aug 1941
4Wilms, Gerhard44farmerAug 1941
5Schulz, Isaak30farmerAug 1941
6Klein, Peter36farmerAug 1941
7Schellenberg, Kornelius19farm labourerSept 1941
8Bergen, Elisabeth36housewifeAug 1941
9Wiebe, Margarethe19housewifeAug 1941
10Guenter, Margarethe34housewifeAug 1941
11Warkentin, Maria20ServantSept 1941
Adelsheim, 22 May 1842
The Mayor

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Transcription by Katie Peters
Alberta-Manitoba Liaison by Alf Redekop
Proofread against the microfilm (MHC #399) by Caralee Good
Editing and html by Judith Rempel,, JR Solutions
14 November 1999