List of German People from Adelsheim Village, Chortitza Region, Zaporozhye District, Military Region Denepropetrovsk who served in the Red Army - Compiled May 1942

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Name Age at the time Occupation Date Taken Comments
Penner, Peter27Private29 Aug 1940 
Klein, Heinrich22Private25 Nov 1939 
Klein, Jakob20Private21 May 1941 
Thiysin [Thiessen], Johann23Private26 Nov 1939 
Thiysin [Thiessen], Jakob21Private22 May 1941 
Wilms, Bernhardt20PrivateMay 1941interpreter in the German Army
Pfeifer, Johann21Private23 Jul 1940 
Quiring, David25Private27 Nov 1940 
Adelsheim 22 May 1942
Der Buergermeister

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Transcription by Katie Peters
Alberta-Manitoba Liaison by Alf Redekop
Proofread against the microfilm (MHC #399) by Caralee Good
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14 November 1999