List of German People banished from Adelsheim, Chortitza, Zaporozhye District, Denjepropetrovsk Military Region, Compiled May 1942

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No. Name Age at the time Occupation Date of banishment Comments
1Wiebe, Jakob32farmer1938 Feb 
2Wiebe, Johann57farmer1938 Feb 
3Wiebe, Peter24farmer1937 Oct 
4Rempel, Heinrich39labourer1937 JanSiberia
5Wiebe, Peter19student1937 JunNorth
6Epp, Abram25farmer1937 NovUnknown
7Janzen, Jakob44electrician1938 MarUnknown
8Paetkau, Peter52farmer1938 MarUnknown
9Quiring, Abram31farmer1937 Oct 
10Wiebe, Bernhard46farmer1937 Oct 
11Dyck, Abram24farmer1937 Nov 
12Wilms, Jakob53farmer1937 Oct 
13Hirsch, Joseph22teacher1936 Oct 
14Schellenberg, Johann21student1937 Mar 
15Schulz, Johann32farmer1937 Sep 
16Bergmann, Peter29servant1939 SeptNorth
17Bergmann, Heinrich19student1937 AprUnknown
18Wiebe, Peter37farmer1937 Oct 
19Janzen, Franz41farmer1938 Feb 
20Quiring, Abram52farmer1931Ural
21Quiring, Abram21farmer1931Ural
Adelsheim 22 May 1942

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Transcription by Katie Peters
Alberta-Manitoba Liaison by Alf Redekop
Proofread against the microfilm (MHC #399) by Caralee Good
Editing and html by Judith Rempel, JR Solutions
14 November 1999