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Mennonite Genealogy Data Index: Canada: British Columbia

British Columbia

Vital Records Availability

The following chart shows the first year for which Vital Records were officially kept by the various Canadian provinces. In all cases privacy legislation keeps them from being freely available, so the parenthetical period indicates the age of the record that may be acquired/purchased by the general public. Records that are more recent may also be acquired/purchased, but proof of close kinship is generally required.

  Birth Marriage Death
BC 1872 ( 120 yrs) 1872 ( 75 yrs) 1872 (20 yrs)
AB 1850 ( 100 yrs) 1890 ( 75 yrs) 1890 ( 50 yrs)
SK ? ( 100 yrs) ? ( 100 yrs) ? ( 70 yrs)
MB 1882 ( 100 yrs) 1882 (80yrs) 1882 ( 70 yrs)
ON * 1869 (100 yrs) 1869** ( 75) 1869 ( 65 yrs)

* tip: use the pathfinder
** some records actually go back as far as 1801

Cities, towns, & villages

Death record Abbotsford Area Cemetery Internments Abbotsford Genealogical Society
Death record Abbotsford News (previously MSA News) Obituary Index - MSA Museum Society

Death recordGreendale Cemetery MHSBC

Death record South Abbotsford Mennonite Church Cemetery BC Genealogical Society

Death recordSouth Popular Cemetery MHSBC

Other documentsVictoria Newspapers, 1958-1921 - Univ of Victoria

Death recordYarrow Cemetery MHSBC
Census record Yarrow - Mennonite Settlers List & Photography, 1928 Yarrow

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