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Mennonite Genealogy Data Index: Bookshelf

There are more and more digitization projects underway by technology, genealogy, university, and other bodies. On this page we will provide links to such online digitized books that may be useful to Mennonite genealogy.

BookAnonymous. (n.d.). The Abraham Entz Family. BYU
BookAby, Malvina Stanton, and Franklin Stanton Aby. (1924). The Aby Family of Peoria County, Illinois [and] the Eaby Family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Progeny of Theodorus Eby (1663-1732), the Swiss Mennonite Pioneer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Chicago, IL: Authors.
BookAby, Franklin Stanton. (1924). Colonial Documentary History of Theodorus Eby: His Relatives and Descendants, the Swiss Mennonite Pioneer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Chicago, IL: Author. BYU
BookAby, Franklin Stanton. (1923). The Eby Family: The Ebie Family of Stark County, Ohio, Progeny of Theodorus Eby, the Swiss Mennonite Pioneer of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Chicago, IL: Author. BYU
BookAnonymous. (n.d.). The Abraham Entz Family. BYU
BookAuthor Unspecified (1890). Confession of Faith and Minister's Manual: Containing the Confession of Faith Adopted at Dortrecht in 1632, the Shorter Catechism, Forms for Baptism, the Lord's Supper, Marriage, Ordination of Bishops and Ministers, Funeral Lessons, Texts, etc. Elkhart, IN: Mennonite Publishing House. IATA
BookAuthor Unspecified. (1881). A Choice Collection of Spiritual Hymns, Adapted to Public, Social and Family Devotion, and Designed for the Use of the Evangelical United Mennonites and All Lovers of Zion. Goshen, IN: Evangelical United Mennonite Publishing Society. IATA

BookBaughman, J. Ross. (1997). Apart from the World: An Account of the Origins and Destinies of Varios Swiss Mennonites Who Fled from Their Homelands in Remote Parts of the Cantons Zurich, Aargau and Bern as well as Alsace, the Kurpflaz... BYU
BookBergey, David Hendricks. (1907). The Progenbitors of the Bergey Family in America. Philadelphia, PA: Bergey Family Association. BYU
BookBoeckner, Earl A. 1979). A Megli Memorial. Newton, KS: Althea Nispel Mohar BYU

BookClaassen, Menno & Sara. (1958). The Claassen Family, 1665-1958. Beatrice, NE: Authors. BYU
BookClemmer, Abram Lapp, Arlan S. Clemmer and Jorene P. Clemmer. (1990). Heinrich and Maria Clemmer of Franconia, Pennsylvania: Genealogy. Franconia, PA: Authors. BYU
BookColeman, Arthur D. (1965). Wise-Tong Pioneers of Clackamas, Oregon. BYU

BookDerksen, Seymor A. (1980). My Father's House. Langham, SK: Author. Our Roots
BookDrake History Book Committee. (1987). Drake, Past and Present: Making Memories. Drake, SK: Author. Our Roots
BookDriedger, Leo. Mennonites in Winnipeg Our Roots
BookDyck, John. (1996). Three Hundred Years: Peter Penner (1850-1924) and Margaretha Wiebe (1854-1945). Winnipeg, MB: Penner Family History Committee. BYU

BookEpp, Margaret. (1976). Proclaim Jubilee! A history of Bethany Bible Institute. [Herbert, SK: Bethany Bible Institute].
BookEpp-Tiessen, Esther. (n.d.). Altona: The Story of a Prairie Town. Altona, MB: DW Friesen & Sons. Our Roots

BookFaust, Edward Baker. (2001). Fast - Faust - Jantz and Related Surnames. East Wenatchee, WA: Author. BYU
BookFreed, Jacob Anglemoyer. (1923). Partial History of the Freed Family and Connecting Families. Elroy, PA: Author. BYU
BookFriesen, Rhinehart, Friesen. (1988). A Mennonite Odyssey. Winnipeg: Hyperion Press, 1988. Our Roots

BookGerbrandt, Henry J. (1970). Adventure in Faith: the Background in Europe and the Development in Canada of the Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba. Altona, MB: DW Friesen & Sons. Our Roots

BookHallman, H.S. (n.d.). History of the Hallman Family in Canada. Berlin, ON BYU
BookHartzler, Jonas Smucker. (1922). Mennonites in the World War or Nonresistance under Test. Scottdale, PA: Mennonite Publishing House. IATA
BookHerr, Theodore W. (1908). Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and His Direct Lineal Descendants: From his Birth A.D. 1639 to the present time, Containing the Names, etc., of 13223 Persons. Lancaster, PA: Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. BYU

BookJanzen, Russel H. (1993). Baerg, 1777-1992: A Family History and Genealogy of Johann and Catrina (Newman) Baerg, their Ancestors, and Their Descendents. Abbotsford, BC: Author. BYU

BookJanzen, Russel H. (1993). Baerg, 1777-1992: A Family History and Genealogy of Johann and Catrina (Newman) Baerg, their Ancestors, and Their Descendents. Abbotsford, BC: Author.

BookKauffroth, Sylvester Martin. (1984). The Kauffroth/Sensenig Families: Advocates of Hard Work, Education, and Religion: A Genealogical History. BYU
BookKeyser, Charles S. (1888?). The Keyser Family: Descendants of Dirck Keyser of Amersterdam. Germantown, PA?. BYU
BookKrehbiel, Henry Peter. (1898-1938). The History of the General Conference of the Mennonites of North America. St. Louis, MO: Author. IATA

BookLerdall, Verna Rae Whiteturkey. (1991). John Epp: A German Emigree from Gromaringen, Germany to San Antonio, Texax, 1858. Author: Oklahoma City, OK BYU

BookMount Royal [Saskatoon] Mennonite Church Our Roots

BookNeudorf History Book Executive. Neudorf Memories of Pioneer Roots: A History of the Village of Neudorf, Baber, Carrhill, Duck's Point, Neudorf, Pheasant Hills, Piller, Prairie, Reimer, Roadside, Snowflake, and Ulmer School Districts Our Roots
BookNeu Samara am Tock: 1890-2003 (pdf) - Published first in 1964 by Neu-Samarians who emigrated in 1920s to Canada; republished now with detail for the years after 1930 by a committee in Warendorf, Germany - Dietrich Tiessen
BookNickel, John P. & Gene M. Nikkel. The Nikkel-Nickel Family of Prussia, Russia, America and Canada. Our Roots

BookRosthern Historical Society Old and New Furrows: The Story of Rosthern. Our Roots

Book Sawadskey, Andreas. Die Ostsiedlung der preußischen Mennoniten im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert by Andreas Sawadsky (pdf) - research paper on reasons for and beginning of emigration to Russia Dietrich Tiessen
BookStillman, Donald L. (1989). The Bright Family: Bright-Stillman Connection: Seven Generations. Santa Barbara, CA: Author BYU

BookTormey, Joy Dirstine. (2005). Dirstine Legacy. Phoenix, AZ: Author. BYU

BookUlmer, Della R. (1991). Meyer/Meuyers/Myers Genealogy. Pottstown, PA: Author. BYU

BookWohlgemuth, John R. & Mrs. John R. Wohlgemuth. The Peter Wohlgemuth Genealogy, 1805-1963. BYU
BookWymark & District History Book Committee. Patchwork of Memories: Balfour, Bigford, Blumenhof, Braddock, Falkland, Flora, Hopefield, Iris, Lens, Longfield, Maharg, Marx, Peel, Rosenhof, Versailles, Wymark. Our Roots

BookZacharias, Peter D. (1976). Reinland: An Experience in Community. Winkler, MB: Reinland Centennial Committee. Our Roots

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